Rosehip & Railspike

Lately, I've been working with a very magical pair of homemade inks- wild rosehip and rusted railspike.

The rosehip color is a light yellowy-brown this time, with the faintest hint of blush. The rusted railspike ink is a bit more dramatic. Initially it goes onto paper as a transparent beige- sometimes I forget where I've painted because it's so very light! Then while drying, a strong, staining dark brown appears. That alone is exciting to see, but even more amazement happens when these two neutrals get together. 

My intention was to pair the rosehip and railspike together for a limited neutral palette. I had been working with lots of colorful berries and it was time for some subtlety. The neutral palette was indeed achieved, but with an unexpected addition- black! When combined, the chemical properties of these two ink recipes immediately create an extremely dark black, as the photos below depict. 
I shared a video of the inks combining on paper in an Instagram post recently- just follow this link and swipe left.
Rosehip and Railspike natural and homemade inks on paper. Neutral palette.
Rosehip and railspike inks on paper. Detail shot of mark making pattern.