A note on purchasing natural pigment original paintings

While earth pigments are more lightfast, colors from botanical sources are often fugitive, meaning they could change in minor or noticeable ways over time. This process could become visible after a year or a hundred years and is all a part of creating with the local, living ingredients of our Whatcom County.
If you are considering buying an original painting made with botanical pigments, you should be someone who will delight in the shifts that may occur. Please know that these qualities are factored into the price of each piece. You can also shop Collecting Colorways archival prints, which suspend these living colors in time for you to enjoy. 
To inquire about available botanical and/or earth pigment original paintings, browse them here, or use this form to ask a question.
Sarcococca + Solar Panel Wire 
ink on paper, 10 x 8 inches
Privet Berry and Solar Panel Wire
ink on paper, 20 x 30 inches