A week of Snow & Sarcococca

a branch of sarcococca berries on a wood floor
In western Washington, we are having some unusually snowy days for early February (or for any time, really.) It's been a week of cancelled work, spent being cozy and creative at home. Before the snow arrived, a friend invited me to gather Sarcococca berries from a garden she tends. The plump little fruits could see the San Juan Islands from their spot in Bellingham's Edgemoor neighborhood.
I followed the simplest berry ink recipe I know, and they made a beautiful deep blue-violet ink that dries in a range of cool to warm tones, depending on it's environment. The rest of the week, I have been painting with Sarcococca ink and melted snow from our back porch. The qualities of the snow water cause the Sarcococca's hues to cool and allow me to add delicate, transparent details.
  blue abstract ink on paper detail
Update: During my Snow & Sarcococca stretch, I made about a dozen paintings. Of these, I've chosen three large and one small for my print collection. The small, 8x10 inch print is meant to stand alone, and the large, 18x24 inch prints display well both on their own or as a room-anchoring set. 
 Prints of: snow + sarcococca on paper, 18x24" each
Print of: snow + sarcococca on paper, 8x10"